Cupcake Boxes

Bakery Containers

Need to transport or show off your bake goods? The Tinbaly bakery boxes will display your hard work by showcasing your mini cakes, cupcakes, pies, dipped strawberries, muffins, and many more confectionaries.

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Table Tennis Cover

With Click Buckle Clips and Storage Pocket

The Table Tennis Cover was designed to protect your tournament playing table as it is made from premium quality materials that will last a lifetime. At Tinbaly, we put quality first. That is why we rely on top-quality materials and new manufacturing techniques that allow us to develop premium products used in homes all over the world.

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Garage Wall Bumper Pads

Tinbaly Heavy-Duty Garage Wall Bumper Pads and Protection Strips

Produced with heavy-duty, industrial grade NBR rubber foam – our garage door bumpers are thick and highly durable. They have a strong adhesive which makes them stay put securely. They are water resistant and very easy to wipe clean as needed. Keep your garage neat, tidy, and damage-free with this one-of-a-kind cushioning accessory.

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